giving back

Freeport Bakery has been a daily contributor to Sacramento’s Loaves and Fishes shelter since 1987. We also donate a vast amount of baked goods and gift certificates to other groups.

We are asked daily for donations due to the need in our schools and community. We budget donations yearly and are able to fulfill only a certain number of requests. Please see below for requirements and criteria.*

Your request must be in writing. We do not accept phone calls for donations. Please include in your request the following: 

  1. What will the donation be used for?
  2. What are you requesting specifically (e.g. a gift certificate or baked goods)?
  3. The date your donation is needed by. 
  4. Name, phone number and email of the contact person.
  • Once the request is received, a decision will be made based all requests at the time.
  • Please understand that due to the large number of requests that we receive, we only respond if your request can be fulfilled. 

Freeport Bakery is structured in a way that we are unable to use our donations as a tax deduction. All donations are made because of how strongly we feel about the importance of giving back to our community.

*We do not make donations to political organizations/campaigns, religious organizations/programs, or private parties.