Easter Menu 2019
Easter Desserts Sacramento

Last day for changes and additions is Wednesday April 17. Last day for cancellations for a full refund or credit is Thursday April 18.

Closed Easter Sunday

Bakery Sacramento Best New Fashioned Lamb Cake Layers of fudge and buttermilk cake filled with white chocolate mousse and mini chocolate chips. Frosted with our meringue buttercream and coconut trim surrounding the little lamb’s face.
42.95 serves 8-10
Bakery Sacramento Best Burnt Almond Cake Layers of golden buttermilk cake filled with vanilla custard. Toasted sugared slivered almond surround the tops and sides. The San Jose specialty cake comes to Sacramento!
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – 33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95
Bakery Sacramento Best Lemon Zinger Lemon poppyseed cake topped with a generous amount of lemon mousse. Topped with a layer of our tangy lemon curd.
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – 33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95
Easter Egg Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Easter Egg Cake Marbled golden buttermilk and chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse. Egg shaped and covered with chocolate decorated with colorful flowers. One Size.
39.95 serves 10-12
Easter Coconut Layer Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Coconut Layer Cake

Freeport Customer Favorite

Layers of buttermilk cake frosted and filled with cream cheese frosting. Finished with toasted coconut.
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – 33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95
Princess Cake Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Princess Cake Golden buttermilk cake with thin layers of raspberry preserves, chocolate ganache, vanilla custard, and whipped cream. Topped with a layer of sweetened marzipan. One size.
40.95 serves 10-12
Chocolate Charlotte Easter
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Charlotte Rich chocolate mousse sitting atop a chocolate cake base. Surrounded with ladyfingers and an Easter ribbon, finished with a garnish of whipped cream.
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – 33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95

Most of our cakes are available in larger sizes.

Champagne Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Champagne Cake Layers of our golden buttermilk cake sprinkled with champagne. Filled with strawberry custard mousse. We add white chocolate shavings to the sides. Fast becoming a Freeport customer favorite.
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – $33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95
Fudge Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Fudge Cake An old fashioned chocolate layer cake with a rich fudge filling and frosting. This one is a classic!
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – $30.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $38.95
Fruit Basket Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Fruit Basket Cake Three layers of our golden buttermilk cake filled with fresh strawberries and fresh bananas. Frosted with fresh whipped cream. Hands down customer favorite.
7″ Round – Serves 8-10 – $33.95
9″ Round – Serves 12-16 – $41.95
Bakery Sacramento Best Spring Cake Decoration Add a spray of spring flower decoration on any cake.
7″ & 9″ Round – additional 6.00
1/4″ sheet & 1/2 sheet –  additional 8.00
Easter Cookies
Bakery Sacramento Best Easter Cookies Choose from bunnies, or Easter Eggs. Boxed, bagged, on imported trays or by the piece.
Bakery Sacramento Best Easter Cupcake Special

Our Old School Easter Basket Cupcake is Back!

Choose from golden buttermilk or chocolate We add green coconut, jellybeans, & with a pastel handle.
4.95 ea
Easter Pies And Tarts Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Pies and Fruit Tarts Fresh Fruit Tarts, Lemon Meringue, Banana Cream, Deep-Dish Apple, Berry, Peach Olallieberry.
Bakery Sacramento Best Easter Cake Pops

Six Great Flavors

Carrot, Lemon, Coconut, Malted Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Peanut Butter/Chocolate
3.50 ea.
Bakery Sacramento Best Quiche Add our quiche to your Easter brunch.
Vegetable Quiche – 23.95
Quiche Lorraine – 25.95
Bakery Sacramento Best Coffee Rings Great way to start your Spring mornings. Serves 4-6
Choose from: Cheese, Berry-cheese, Apricot, Custard, Apple, or Pecan 7.95
Bunny Bread
Bakery Sacramento Best Bunny Bread Sweet, buttery egg bread shaped like a bunny. Makes a great hostess gift.
Hot Cross Buns Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Hot Cross Buns Our sweet egg bread filled with golden raisins.
1.25 ea.
Bakery Sacramento Best Dinner Rolls, Bag of 6   Each order comes in 1/2 dz.
Rosemary – 3.50 per 1/2 dz
Poppy, Sesame, Plain, or White Mountain – 3.00 per 1/2dz
Bakery Sacramento Best Pull-Apart Lemon Curd Hot Cross Buns  Seven of our hot cross buns with lemon curd baked together.
12.95 per order of seven
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