Modern recipes of fondant actually taste quite good (think of marshmallows rolled into a sheet). Most of our clients are surprised when they try our fondant. Even those who were adamant about not having it on their cake have left their tasting appointment with fondant in their cake design.

Over the past several years fondant has gotten a bad wrap. The perception is that it is thick, too sweet, too expensive and only used for its polished appearance. Fondant, a rolled sugar paste, has gone through many recipe variations in its hundreds of years of being used on cakes and other desserts. Seeking a fresh outlook on this versatile frosting choice?

Here are a few interesting facts about our fondant:

  • It’s Vegan! That’s right, those of you who are seeking a vegan friendly option, try garnishing your vegan cake with a beautiful fondant flower.
  • It’s easy to mold into new and interesting designs! Our wedding cake consultants would love to sit down with you and talk about unique, affordable, beautiful fondant designs to make your wedding cake memorable.
  • So far this year, 30% of our brides have chosen to include some type of fondant element to their wedding cake design.

The beautiful cake featured above is a wedding cake we did recently – the simple ribbon placement adds a sophisticated element while the fondant flower really steals the show.


Katie, Emily, and Kayla

*Photo Credit: Amy Nicole Photography