Mother's Day Desserts Sacramento  

We’re open Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14 8am – 3pm

Mothers Day Jewel Box
Bakery Sacramento Best Jewel Box  

This Is Such A Pretty Cake

Strawberry mousse layered between our dark chocolate cake. Filled with edible sugar jewels and flowers. For her…or maybe she’ll share.

For her… Or maybe she’ll share – 30.95

Lemon Zinger Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Lemon Zinger

Lemon poppyseed cake topped
 with a generous amount of lemon mousse
and a layer of our tangy lemon curd.  

7” – 31.95 serves 8-10 9” – 39.95 serves 12-16

Salted Caramel
Bakery Sacramento Best Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Rich fudge cake with a layer of silky caramel and sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt.  

7” – 31.95 – serves 8-10

9” – 39.95 – serves 12-16

Princess Cake Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Princess Cake  

The Perfect Cake For Mom

Golden buttermilk cake with thin layers of raspberry preserves, chocolate ganache, vanilla custard, and whipped cream. Finished with a layer of sweetened marzipan.  

8” – 35.95 serves 10-12

Honey Bee Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Honey Bee

Layers of golden buttermilk cake
filled with honey buttercream and apricot preserves. Frosted with yellow buttercream and shaped like a beehive.  

31.95 serves 8-10

Mothers day champagne cake sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Champagne Cake

Golden buttermilk cake drizzled with champagne and filled with strawberry custard mousse. Pale pink buttercream and white chocolate shavings adorn the sides.  

7” – 31.95 serves 8-10 9” – 39.95 serves 12-16

Strawberry Heart Shaped Heart Tart
Bakery Sacramento Best Strawberry Heart Shaped Heart Tart

We start with our special puff pastry in the shape of a heart
and lightly brush the shell bottom with chocolate.
We add Bavarian cream custard and top with loads of fresh strawberries.  

26.95 serves apx 6



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Larger Cakes available to order. Please ask us for serving sizes and prices.

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