Passover Menu 2019

Passover Desserts Sacramento
Passover Roulade Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Passover Roulade A delightful dome shaped almond cake with apricot, Triple-sec mousse, and raspberry filled jellyrolls.

37.95 serves 10-14

Passover Strawberries & Cream
Bakery Sacramento Best Passover Strawberries & Whipped Cream Flourless almond cake with layers of fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

34.95 serves 10-14

Chocolate Decadence Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Decadence Cake Truffle-like dense chocolate cake made without flour. Topped with a generous amount of whipped cream.

7” 33.95 serves 8-12

9” 41.95 serves 14-18

Chocolate Sin
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Sin Almost like eating a brownie. No-flour chocolate cake w/powdered sugar dusting. Irresistible!

28.95 serves 8-10

Matzo Bark
Bakery Sacramento Best Matzo Bark Choose from Matzo covered with white and dark chocolate -Or- We add toasted macadamia nuts.

Matzo Bark – 4.95 per bag

Matzo Bark with macadamia nuts – 6.95 per bag

Almond Horns Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Almond Horns Horseshoe shaped marzipan cookie rolled in slivered almonds with chocolate dipped end.

2.50 ea

Bakery Sacramento Best Macaroons (Better than) Traditional

Coconut Macaroons 2.25 ea

Chocolate Dipped 2.50 ea

*Please note Freeport Bakery is not a Kosher bakery. Our Passover baked items are made without flour or leavening.

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