Red Velvet cake, known for it’s decadent red color and buttery chocolate taste, has become one of our most popular choices for wedding cakes. So what is a red velvet cake exactly? Throughout history red velvet has been made using a variety of ingredients like cocoa, buttermilk, beetroot, or red food coloring.

It’s origins seem to be a mystery. One story that seems to make the most sense is during the Civil War it was nearly impossible to get chocolate in the South. Beetroot was added to yellow cakes to make them look more chocolaty. Whether or not this is true, it’s a great story. Our Red Velvet is fantastic and a lighter alternative to the Chocolate Fudge cake. Traditionally red velvet is paired with cream cheese frosting, but our brides have picked strawberry buttercream or vanilla buttercream as well. For a real twist try it with hazelnut buttercream. Really! We’ve had brides order this combination for their entire cake.

So far this year, 40% of our wedding cakes have been red velvet and we anticipate this number to rise as the holiday season approaches. When you come for your wedding cake tasting make sure you give this popular cake a try.

See you at the bakery.
Your Wedding Cake Consultants,
Katie, Emily, and Kayla