thanksgiving desserts sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Thanksgiving Pies All of our 9” pies have a buttery crust and serve 6-8.  

Apple 16.95 Pumpkin 12.95 Berry 16.95 Pecan 19.95

Pear Fladen Sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Pear Fladen Freeport Bakery’s well-loved hand-shaped rustic pie filled with ripe pears from Boa Vista Orchards, cream, almond paste, Marsala, and currants.  

9” – 17.95

pumpkin cheesecake sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Pumpkin Cheesecake Creamy pumpkin cheesecake on a Linzer cookie crust base. Sides are full of our crunchy pecan praline. A great alternative to pumpkin pie!  

7” 32.95 9” 40.95

Ginger Spice Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Ginger Spice Our pumpkin spice cake loaded with ginger, clove, and nutmeg. Finished with an incredible ginger cream cheese frosting.  

7” 31.95 9” 39.95

Larger sized cakes available.
Acorn Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best Acorn Cake
Our Most Popular Thanksgiving Cake
Marbled buttermilk and chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. Frosted with chocolate ganache and shaped to look like an acorn. Garnished with a colorful fondant autumn leaf.

One size serves 10-12 – 38.95

Cranberry Cheesecake Thanksgiving
Bakery Sacramento Best Cranberry Cheesecake Tangy cranberries and fresh orange zest are added to a rich cream cheese base. Finished with our special cranberry-orange topping.  

7” – 32.95 9” – 40.95

Sacramento Vegan Desserts
Bakery Sacramento Best Vegan Chocolate Cake Moist chocolate cake filled and frosted with fudge frosting. Available by preorder only.  

7” – 28.95 9” – 36.95

Chocolate Decadence
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Decadence A truffle-like flourless chocolate cake topped off with a generous amount of whipped cream.  

7” – 31.95 9” – 39.95

Bakery Sacramento Best OTHER CAKE CHOICES
7″ – 31.95
9″ – 39.95
7″ – 31.95
9″ – 39.95
7″ – 28.95
9″ – 36.95
7″ – 28.95
9″ – 36.95
7″ – 31.95
9″ – 39.95
7″ – 21.95
9″ – 26.95
*ask for serving sizes on Fruit Tarts
For Harvest Decorations on 7” and 9” cakes add $6.00 Larger sizes of the above cakes are available. Please ask for sizes and prices.
Bakery Sacramento Best Specialty Breads and Rolls  
Roll Wheels
Small – 7 Rolls 3.95 Medium – 19 Rolls 8.95
Croissants 1.65 Each
leaf shaped rolls sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Leaf Shaped “Rolls” Beautiful and delicious. Made with sweet egg dough. Great for day-after turkey sandwiches, too!  

Bag of 6 – 7.50

Bakery Sacramento Best Christmas Stollen Original Goetzeler Family Bakery Bavarian Recipe. Rich, buttery yeast bread made with pecans, golden raisins and candied orange peel. Made with a perfect ribbon of marzipan. Wrapped to make the perfect host gift. Great with tea or coffee. Ship one now.  


Bakery Sacramento Best Dinner Rolls – White Mountain, Poppy, Sesame or Plain 6/3.00; Fresh Rosemary Rolls 6/3.50   Bakery Sacramento Best Breakfast Coffee Rings Great way to start your Thanksgiving Day. Choose from pecan, apple, cheese, custard, berry-cheese, or apricot-cheese.


Bakery Sacramento Best Scones Pumpkin Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, or Raisin

6 for 9.75

Bakery Sacramento Best Quiche Just heat our vegetable or quiche Lorraine. Makes waiting for the turkey a whole lot easier!

Vegetable Quiche – 22.95 Quiche Lorraine – 24.95

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