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Valentines Day sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Two Of Hearts Sumptuous chocolate mousse with raspberries layered between rich fudge cake. Draped in chocolate ganache. Perfect for two.


Fresh Strawberry Heart Tart
Bakery Sacramento Best Fresh Strawberry Heart Tart It’s our puff pastry in a heart shape. We lightly brush the bottom with chocolate and fill with our Bavarian cream and fresh strawberries on top. Serves 4-6.


Bakery Sacramento Best FLEUR de LIS Layers of golden buttermilk cake and chocolate cake with a thin layer of raspberry preserves. Frosted with Italian buttercream and decorated with piped hearts.

7” 30.95 serves 8-10

9” 38.95 serves 12-16

Blackout Hearts
Bakery Sacramento Best Blackout Hearts Our rich chocolate cake shaped like a heart with raspberry mousse between the layers. Serves 1-2


The Jewel Box Mini Cake
Bakery Sacramento Best The Jewel Box Mini Cake Chocolate Cake with a Tiramisu Twist. Our rich chocolate cake gets a layer of luscious mascarpone-custard. We add a touch of espresso, a bit of rum and finish with a decorated lid. Looks like a delicious little treasure box, filled with edible hearts and roses for your special Valentine. Personalized if desired..


New York Cheesecake
Bakery Sacramento Best New York Cheesecake Creamy smooth cheesecake on a shortbread base. Topped with raspberry preserves. Toasted slivered almonds surround the sides.

7” 34.95 serves 6-8

9” 42.95 serves 10-12

Chocolate Charlotte
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Charlotte Rich fudge cake base topped with a generous amount of chocolate mousse. We add ladyfingers around the sides and finish with a pink ribbon.

7” 33.95 serves 8-10

9” 41.95 serves 12-16

Salted Caramel
Bakery Sacramento Best Chocolate Caramel Salt Salted Caramel is a chocolate fudge cake filled with layers of caramel, sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt and topped off with a ganache frosting.

7” 33.95 serves 8-10

9” 41.95 serves 12-16

Mothers day champagne cake sacramento
Bakery Sacramento Best Champagne Cake Three layers of golden buttermilk cake drizzled with champagne and filled with strawberry custard mousse. Frosted with pale pink buttercream. White chocolate shavings adorn the sides.

7” 33.95 serves 8-10

9” 41.95 serves 12-16

Valentine's Day Cupcakes
Bakery Sacramento Best  Cupcakes CHOOSE FROM:

Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake topped with heart-shaped chocolate salted caramel buttercream dipped in chocolate.

Buttermilk Cupcake

Buttermilk cupcake topped with heart-shaped citrus buttercream dipped in white chocolate.

3.95 each

Buttermilk Cupcake with a fondant heart.

Buttermilk cupcake with a fondant heart. Frosted in buttercream.

Fudge cupcake with a fondant heart. Frosted in buttercream.

2.95 each

Bakery Sacramento Best Cake Pops Our Cake Pops are ready for Valentine’s Day.


Raspberry White Chocolate

Triple Chocolate

Salted Caramel

Strawberry Champagne

3.25 each

Bakery Sacramento Best Handpie Our flaky pie pastry filled with luscious berry, cherry, or apple filling. A thin layer of marzipan makes these exclusive Freeport Bakery specials. Made for 1 but easily shared by 2.

7.95 each

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